WIRED DREAMS by João Pedro Fonseca at ZABRA 2023


WIRED DREAMS (2023) is a performance where the body and consciousness are one. It is not intended for the human form to be the protagonist, but rather a part of it, challenging our traditional understanding of the body as the locus of consciousness and inviting us to consider it as an aspect of a larger and interconnected system. Like in a dream, the piece processes memories and reinterprets them, amplifying the senses - details, stimuli, and aspects of phenomenology. The machines here, unlike more conventional proposals, do not have a role of serving but creating a map, acting as a catalyst for a deeper exploration of the human condition. They are not separate from the performer, but are instead an integral part of the performance's discourse on the nature of consciousness and the self. The piece uses robotics and other technical elements to process and reinterpret memories, expand the senses, and guide the audience through a dreamlike narrative. In doing so, it invites us to consider the possibility of a shared universal consciousness that transcends the limits of the body and the machine.

(The text was generated by an artificial intelligence and machine learning program based on input from research, online conversations, and keywords related to the post-human and its possible impact.)


Ficha técnica: Criação: João Pedro Fonseca. Performance: João Pedro Fonseca. Desenho de luz: Inteligência artificial. Sonoplastia: Inteligência artificial. Texto e narrativa: Inteligência artificial e Machine Learning. Figurino: Nuno Gama. Cenografia: João Pedro Fonseca