excerpt from MUPA Festival with Coro do Carmo, BEJA, ALENTEJO


founded 2022, a project created by Carincur and João Pedro Fonseca.

“In this process with Coro do Carmo and Father Cartajeno, given their liturgical connection, in this case Catholic, there was a need to imagine an ascension. Thus, a tower was erected to connect this spirituality and the most earthly, most processed matter, so that we could glimpse this in-between - a fragment of contemplation of an endless line that tears the core of the earth and the cosmos, two unreachable points. But here we remain around the tower, immersed and suspended in this representation of an infinite potential, in the face of our human condition - mortality.“

︎MINI-DOC: TELLURIAN by Carincur and João Pedro Fonseca + Coro do Carmo, Beja.