South, East, West, North


"The ruins of an imaginary city".
videoart HD, portuguese subtitles, colour, sound, 3'47'
1920px 1080px

The Lighthouse, light that reveals a universe of uncertainties and dangers takes the anchor of a way forward, leading man in life. In it, we glimpse the fine line that divide heaven from earth, place of all possible directions: "South, East, West, North," disparate experiences that differentiate our inner self. The piece consists of three times: the literary past of the "Elogio da sombra" by Jorge Luis Borges,the musical present of the trip to India by nial and the plastic fragments of an imaginary city of João Pedro Fonseca, all of them: memories of a journey. The lighthouse is the epicenter, the constant repetition of a inherent process of our consciousness: the relentless pursuit of own reflection.

Creation and production: João Pedro Fonseca
Music: nial
Text: "In Praise of Shadow" by Jorge Luís Borges
Special thanks: Maria João Fonseca