Currently, the "ghost" has become an increasingly appropriate metaphor for the way marginalized populations "haunt" everyday life, living on the edge of visibility and inspiring a mixture of fear and indifference. New technologies have given rise to a ghostly entropy, manifesting through the internet, smartphones, and digitized media as more spectral beings, living without anchoring to distinct locations in time and space. "No More Fireworks" unfolds within a post-humanist fiction, envisioning a scenario where the meta-human is a self-poietic being, entirely self-sufficient, yet still carrying ideological, belief, and existential adversities that characterize their human condition. The title is based on fireworks as an operation with different intentions: entertainment, aid, or terror, all burning the skies in an attempt to communicate, whether in a passive or active tone; these phenomena equally share the same form - they are ephemeral appearances.