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“On June 3rd and 4rd, I will be presenting my next creation, "NO MORE FIREWORKS," at ZABRA. This work is in line with my previous piece, "CORTEN," where 3D scanning and the use of current artificial intelligence resources were part of the research. This creation focuses on the space of Jardim Constantino, a place that has been part of my daily routine for several years. It is a space with a strong diversity of social classes, from the homeless to the most privileged, and due to this characteristic, it has been linked to certain controversies and social crises. Currently, the "ghost" has become an increasingly appropriate metaphor for how marginalized populations "haunt" daily life, living on the edge of visibility and inspiring a mixture of fear and indifference. New technologies have given rise to a ghostly entropy, making them more spectral through the internet, mobile phones, and digitized media, living without an anchor in distinct places in time and space. "No More Fireworks" develops through a post-humanist fiction that envisions a scenario where the meta-human is an autopoietic being, that is, completely self-sufficient, but still carries with it ideological, belief, and existential adversities that characterize its human condition. The title is based on fireworks as an operation with different intentions: entertainment, aid, or terror, all burning the skies in order to communicate, whether in a passive or active tone, these phenomena equally share the same form - they are ephemeral appearances.”
on Instagram 08-05-23.

projecto financiado pela Direção-Geral das Artes e Républica Cultura Portuguesa.